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High 5 Salts uses all organic ingredients where organic is available.  They are all gluten free and vegan blends. They are sold in 2oz bags which lasts through many uses. 

Sweet Sass: Our sugar / salt combo. This is a sweet and tart salt with a hint of bitter/earthy-ness. Perfect for fruits of all kinds, and pairs very well with salmon and poultry.

Tickled Pink: "Ticked Pink" is our mineral infused Himalayan salt blend. Full of health benefits and earthy goodness. It will pair great with all your meats and vegetables.

Power Lifter: "Power Lifter" is the 2nd in the line of High 5 salt blends. This is a heavy hitting salt blend with a robust flavor profile. Use this salt on vegetables, meat and it is exceptionally good on salmon. The dark fragrant robust nature of this blend will surely please your taste buds.

Unboring Salt: “Unboring” is Chef Laura’s original salt blend. A functional multi-use salt, this blend contains organic garlic, sea salt, herbs and spices. Use “unboring” on all your meats and vegetables to bring out the very best flavor in all your food.

Fixer Upper: Our final spice blend which is sodium free for those folks who have to watch their sodium intake. This blend can be paired nicely with the other 4 salt blends or used on its own to finish up your meal and add some zest.

High 5 Salts with Benefits

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