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The Co-op Agrees As Follows:

  1. 1. To do the research for you. Shop safely for the best pastured, organic meats, cheeses, dairy, produce & sundries in the Metro Detroit Area.


  3. 2. To always provide the best possible pricing with minimal upcharge from wholesale.

  1. 3. To provide a pick up location on a predetermined day weekly for store orders and other buys.

  1. 4. To offer              memberships. 

  2. Our annual fee covers Country Life, Frontier, Special Buys & the ability to purchase from our online store as well as"extras" from our store

What Does It Mean To Be In                              Our Co-op?

Before signing up, learn more about us:

What are we? In co-ops, members pool resources to bring about economic results that are unobtainable by one person alone. Most simply put, a cooperative is a business voluntarily owned by the people who use it, and operated for the benefit of its members. Most food co-ops are consumer cooperatives, meaning that most retail co-ops in the U.S. are owned by the people who shop at the stores. Members exercise their ownership by patronizing the store and voting in elections. The members elect a board of directors to hire, guide and evaluate the general manager who runs day-to-day operations of the retail store. Consumer cooperatives are very different from privately owned “discount clubs,” which charge annual fees in exchange for a discount on purchases. The “club” is not owned or governed by the “owners” and the profits of the business go to the investors, not to owners. In a cooperative, the owners own the business and the profits belong to the community of owners.We are a mish-mash of both. MDCC will charge an annual fee for a membership in exchange for discounts on purchases like a discount club, however MDCC also gives rights to it’s good-standing members to participate in elections of the board, as well as share of dividends at the end of fiscal year.The overall goal of the cooperative movement is to create organizations that serve the needs of the people who use them. Cooperative businesses provide goods and services in a way that keeps community resources in the community.

MDCC, CORP will provide access to goods that will serve a sustainable purpose including organic, natural, local foods meeting a wide variety of dietary needs and preferences as possible in order to be as welcoming to all members of our community. MDCCo-op intends to serve the Metro Detroit area. The private co-op will be yearly member based, with a buy-in membership good for that fiscal year (July-June).

The Co-op’s Board of Directors will be elected every three (3) years by the members with current store subscriptions.

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