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member agrees as follows:

1. Membership Dues: To pay Membership Dues as set by the Board of Directors. Membership Dues must be paid each fiscal year (July-June)

2. Notice of Communication. All notices and documents pertaining to the Co-op may be delivered to Member by email and Facebook group, and receipt of such materials by email shall be considered receipt for all business and legal purposes. Members waive any requirements for delivery of any documents or notices from the Co-op other than by email and Facebook group.  The Facebook group will be the most updated for recipes, sales, and new items.

3. Order Pick up: To pick up on predetermined pickup day.  Member will be tagged with pickup information in Facebook group at least 24 hours prior to pickup.  Any items not picked up by 6pm in Berkley &  8pm in other locations will be forfeited unless prior arrangements have been made.

4.Other Locations:  Locations other than Berkley pickup will pay a fee of $5 to their porch manager (included in store purchase) for transporting.  The porch manager is not responsible for items other than transporting. 

5. Special Buys: Special Buys, including Frontier and Country Life, are run by members of the co-op and not the co-op itself. The members who choose to run these buys will be the contact for delivery, sales, and collection of money. All transactions with Special Buys are separate and individual from the co-op.

6. Venmo Usage: Some Special Buys may utilize PayPal or Venmo. In the absence of a PayPal or Venmo  account, Member agrees to be sent an invoice and subject to credit card fees.

7. Bylaws: To read the bylaws offered here 

8.Frequently Asked Questions: To read the FAQs READ ME

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