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  • What is Metro Detroit Crunchy Club?
    We are an online grocery that sources local & organic products whenever possible. We obtain amazing odds & ends from several sources to limit your carbon foot print by being a one-stop-shop. We source from all over like Traverse City, Indiana, the Thumb, Kalkaska and many other places you'd most likely not be able to frequent! You will find organic fresh and frozen produce at prices lower than grocery stores. We have literally THE BEST chicken in the state of Michigan, which comes so fresh-it will keep for 10 days in your fridge. We supply raw organic cheese from Rosewood in Ann Arbor. Fresh bread? Yes, please. Although not organic, we carry Bread, by Crispelli’s amazing artisanal assortment of breads & buns. We also offer Jake’s Country Meats, Baese Farm & Graham’s Organic Beef at the cheapest price you’ll find in retail. We will also add additional items to the store as we see fit, or as demand requests. Items in the past have been BeesWrap, Enzo Olive Oil, YumBox, & much more.
  • Do I have to sign up?
    Yes, you must subscribe & create an account to have access to our Store. You can become a "Shopper" for free or a "Member" for $50/year. Our Members receive exclusive savings and access.
  • When are orders due?
    The online store is always open, so orders can be placed anytime. Monthly pickups will be the 2nd Wednesday of the month - order cutoffs each month are FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month at11:49PM. Please click on the 'Calendar' tab for order and pickup dates.
  • When is pickup?
    Pickup is the 2nd Wednesday of the month in Berkley from 2-6pm. MI Meals 2752 Coolidge Hwy Berkley MI 48072. Follow us in our fb group: or reach out via email at
  • Where do you source your items from?
    Our beef will come direct from Baese Farms, unless otherwise notated. Chicken comes direct from Pure Pastures, who utilizes several local farms for sourcing. You can check them out here Pork will come from Jake's Country Meats. Eggs currently come from either Garno, Old Home Place, or Creswick Farms. Produce comes from as many local farms we can find! GEM (collection of farms across the state), Revolution Farms, Cherry Capitol (Michigan based distributor of Michigan and Great Lakes produce) and supplemental Organic produce comes from Maceri & Sons.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    MDCC's online store accepts all credit cards for payment. We do not accept checks or cash.
  • What is your return policy?
    We do not accept returns.
  • When are refunds processed?
    Refunds are processed within 72 hours of you receiving your order. We refund using the payment method you paid with. It often takes a few days for refunds to process. If after a week you are still not seeing your refund please reach out. Refunds happen when an item we ordered did not arrive or did not arrive the size we may have anticipated.
  • What is your pickup policy?
    Pickups are the 2nd Wednedsay of the month. All items that are not picked up by 6pm in Berkley will not be the responsibility of MDCC MI, LLC unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Why is there a $5 handling fee to my order?
    There is a $5 handling fee on all orders to help cover the cost of our online platform. Become a Member today to have your handling fee waived!
  • Why does my invoice have items that change?
    When we purchase items like turkey or cheese, each item may have a difference price-yet are charged a certain per pound amount. We estimate how much we think the {ie: 3lb turkey thighs} bag may be, and once it arrives into your bag, you only get charged the exact amount for the item you’ve purchased for these specific products.
  • What are Special Buys?
    Now this is worth every penny of your membership right here! We have found some amazing wholesale accounts for Club Members to share in. Baese OG Practice Beef & Other Farms -Baese is located in Michigan, and has some amazing beef to share. They make their own non-GMO feed for winter months on property, and their cows are grass-fed start to finish. They sell by the quarter, but we will also offer packages so you can dabble before you go big. Enjoy WHOLESALE pricing on organic beef shares. Jake’s Country Meats -Also located in MI, the pasture raised pork is the best we have ever tasted. Special buys for the Holiday seasons are available to Members only Holiday Briskets, Hams, Turkeys -Often times we will utilize a local farm to raise us specific animals for our Holidays. We have done turkey and hams in the past, and open to trying more! Wholesale costs, of course. Additional Farmers -Last year we obtained a new relationship with a female farmer (we say that since it’s super bad-ass) in Traverse City. She has been managing turkeys, pigs, and lamb. We have brought her into the Club to do various wholesale buys, and we hope to see much more of her farm’s product! There’s more? -We are always on the hunt for something amazing. Whimsical Candy, a small batch supplier out of Chicago is a great find we like to utilize at the Holidays. Local artisans, like Potter Street, Neu Kombucha, and always looking for more! Expect candles, bento boxes, beeswax wraps, and lots more! CSA Another bonus of being a MDCC MI member is signing up with our CSA
  • What is Frontier?
    Frontier is an online co-op that carries TONS of natural products from spices to kitchen gadgets to cacao, coffee, kids toys and so much more. We get approximately 20% off retail prices by using them! Members have the opportunity to join Frontier for our monthly purchases. Head to FRONTIER for more information.
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