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Each share will include between eight to fifteen different vegetables, fruits, and culinary herbs every week that reflect the seasonal abundance of the farm. There is a strong emphasis on greens and vegetables, although we do grow some fruits and are working on establishing more. In addition to fresh produce, members may also be provided flowers, ornamental pumpkins and other fun extras! 

The twenty week season will begin May 27th and continue until October 7th. There will be fewer items during the first part of summer and more items towards the end of the growing season. This year we are planting over 120 different varieties, comprising 40+ different crops! This includes all of your mainstay vegetables, from carrots and greens, to tomatoes and cucumbers. You may also receive vegetables you have little familiarity with including pac choi, fennel, kohlrabi and a number of unfamiliar varieties of common vegetables (white eggplants, purple tomatoes, yellow carrots!).

As if supporting responsibly, locally grown agriculture isn't enough, you'll also being supporting MSUs educational mission. The vegetable production is a demonstration and training site for 'students' of all ages and types, from 3 years on up! The vegetable production also serves as the home for the apprenticeship program, where novice farmers come to learn production farming during an intensive, season long paid position.

Part of this connection to the farm through your CSA subscription includes recognizing the inherent risks of agriculture due to unpredictable weather or other environmental circumstances. The CSA is a platform for teaching and learning on the farm, and much of your produce will be grown and prepared by apprentices, students and volunteers under the supervision of the CSA coordinator. Our farmers are dedicated to producing an abundance of healthy and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables, but as a member of our CSA you are agreeing to accept the consequences of crop loss or damage due to environmental conditions, learning opportunities or other unforeseen factors.

-MSU Tollgate Farms


Pick Up is every Wednesday


May 27-October 7


Our Berkley location at 11/Coolidge every week

You can choose Rochester or Troy pick up for every OTHER pick up week for an additional fee

sign me up!


Thanks! Message sent. You will be contacted by our CSA liason to set up payment info and process your application.

You will receive an invoice to the email provided. Your space in the CSA is not secure until payment is received! 

how much?

Half Share $475 

Full Share $785


what do i get?

A half share is ideal for a family of 2-3

or 1 serious veggie lover.

The cost includes delivery to your pick up location.

The cost of delivery ($6/week) will save you the round trip to Novi every week (during rush hour!)


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