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Frontier has some amazing products whether you are a member or not, but the savings by using the club's wholesale membership with reduced shipping can't be beat! Enjoy anywhere from 10-50% off of retail prices on amazing items like spices, Burts Bees, Dr. Bronners, Biokleen, Aura Cacia, Simply Organic, Alba, Plan Toys, seriously the list can go on and on!

Home, Kitchen, Kids....all things natural and organic! 

  • To set up an account send a message to Emma Garner via or Facebook messenger with your name and preferred email address.

  • Frontier will send an email directly to you to complete your account.

  • Start shopping!

  • Rename your cart with your name & pickup location.
    Ex. “Jessica Voltz- Berkley" or "John Williams- Troy”

  • Mark your cart “APPROVED.”

  • Paypal via Friends & Family your total + coop fee to:

  • Co-op fee: $3 for carts less than 10 items   $5 for carts 10+ items.  

  • Orders are due the last Wednesday of the month Only approved & paid carts will be ordered each month.

  • Your order will be ready for regular pickup the second Wednesday of each month.

  • We cannot control the stock of Frontier.  You will always be refunded for any out of stock items in your PayPal account.

  • Please reach out with any concerns with timing or other co-op related questions to Emma. For issues with their website or specific products, contact Frontier directly: Mon-Friday, 7am-6pm Central Time: 1-800-669-3275  

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