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Cleanse your mind and body with a long soak in the tub. Draw out harmful toxins with a therapeutic combination of Himalayan and sea salts, essential oils and purifying clay. When you are starting to feel the signs of illness, having sore, achy muscles, have issues with constipation or have trouble sleeping just add a heaping 1/4 cup of this mixture into your tub. You can soak for at least 12 minutes (20 minutes for addressing the issue of constipation) up to an hour at a time.

**This is part of our weekly routine for the creator's kids. The mixture helps with skin issues, helps flush their system by way of mineral support, helps keep them "regular" and helps to naturally produce melatonin which can help regulate their sleep cycle.

Add 1/4 C to 1/2 C of mixture to warm bath and enjoy. Drink 8 oz. of water after bath to help flush the toxins from your system.

undiluted.LIFE DIY Detox Bath Salts

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