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Elderberries have long been used as a food-medicine for generations. They're best known for their immune-supporting and antiviral properties, which work by preventing the reproduction of viral cells. undiluted.LIFE's Elderberry Syrup is made with organic herbs & spices as well as raw local honey.

Ingredients: raw Michigan honey, filtered water, organic elderberries, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic clove, lemon peel.


• All organic ingredients, fair trade, all the time. Elderberries, cloves, ginger, cassia cinnamon, honey, and water - pure and simple.

• Raw, local honey sourced from hives on organic farms in the metro Detroit area

• Highly concentrated elderberry goodness. Simmered low and slow to extract every ounce of goodness into each bottle.

• Absolutely no plastic -- not when cooking, straining or bottling. Plastics, especially when mixed with heat, leach chemicals and endocrine disruptor


• Extra steps - we soak our elderberries overnight before simmering, ensuring all of the goodness reaches the syrup.

• No thickeners - hard pass on the sticky, thick syrup that has added junk to thicken.

All of the good stuff without any of the bad!

undiluted.LIFE Elderberry Syrup

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